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The versatility of the A1 picture frame

One of the most popular and prevalent frames sizes in interior design, the A1 picture frame is highly sought after product by our customers. Frames Now have designed a variety of styles and profiles for our A1 Ready Made Picture Frame range as well as providing custom mouldings to suit your decor and personal aesthetic.

There are many different artwork types that work well in A1 Picture Frames due to its common size, measuring 84.1 x 59.4cm. Here are some of the most common artwork types that we frame for our customers in A1 frames:

  • Posters

    Many artwork creators and designers create their posters to scale to A1.

  • Wedding photos

    If you’re looking to create a gallery wall featuring photographs from your special day, we recommend using an A1 Picture Frame as the centrepiece.

  • Family photos

    If you’re looking to frame a photo featuring four or more family members, A1 is a recommend size so you can clearly see your loved ones.

  • Photo series

    Add a multi-window matboard so you can feature more than one photograph in your A1 frame.

  • Canvas

    Many canvases are painted on a large scale, so if you want to frame it, the A1 frame is a good size.

  • Paintings or drawings

    Whether it’s your child’s school painting or a professional charcoal drawing, the A1 frame is ideal for displaying these artworks.

Did you know that we also offer professional-grade colour printing on premium 230gsm matte art paper at Frames Now?

If you’re looking to redecorate your home, you may wish to purchase a digital download from a marketplace such as Etsy. Once you have the file, print and frame with our easy to use Online Custom Framing tool. 

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Frames Now Ready-made A1 picture frames

Frames Now have the largest range of ready-made frames in Australia and our A1 picture frames come in a variety of styles and profiles so you won’t leave our store disappointed. 

Here is a simple list of the A1 frame styles we stock online and in our stores:

  • Raw oak

  • Box black and white

  • Black & white traditional

  • Traditional walnut timber

  • Dark brown timber

  • Gold & silver ornate

  • Black and silver aluminium

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Customising your A1 picture frame

Frames Now always has a solution for you and if our ready-made frames aren’t quite what you are after, we can custom make an A1 frame for you. We have hundreds of frame mouldings in a variety of different styles and profiles to make your framing dreams come true! 

Here are four ways we can personalise your custom frame:

  • Frame moulding

    The moulding you choose can make or break an A1 frame design. It needs to suit the decor of your home, the aesthetic of your artwork and enhance the other elements of your frame such as the matboards.

  • Glass type

    We have many types of glass available at Frames Now for your A1 frame and depending on your artwork and the environment of the frame, will depend on what your design consultant will recommend.

  • Backing board

    The choice between MDF & foamcore doesn’t seem like a big decision but it makes a difference when it comes to weight and preservation.

  • Mat boards

    Frames Now has hundreds of different colours, patterns & textures to choose from in our mat board range. You can have a single, double, triple or even quadruple mat or you can even choose to float your artwork and use a rebate liner.

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