Fitting Pictures to Side loading Aluminium Frames

All Frames NOW aluminium picture frames are side loading and designed for easy self fitting of your pictures.

Step One

Remove the rubber gaskets around the frame then loosen two of the screws in the corners of one side of the frame that the hanging cord is not attached to which will enable you to remove one side.

Framers Tip You don’t need to remove any screws simply loosen the two. Once one of the aluminium sides is removed which will leave you with a 3 sided frame you can then slide out the glass and backing together.

You can then “sandwich” your artwork and mat, if applicable, between the glass and the backing board back and slide the “sandwich” back into the 3 sided picture frame and rejoin the aluminium side you have removed by simply lightning the two screws you loosened.

Ensure that you tighten the screws all the way and then replace the rubber gaskets. Note that the rubber gaskets may not fit back in or may only go part in as the wedges are designed in a wedge shape, this is a design so that (depending on the thickness of your artwork or whether you are using a mat with your artwork) once completed is fitted tight and is stable. The gaskets only purpose is to ensure the glass is not loose in the picture frame.

Changing the orientation of the hanger

To change the orientation of the hanger, squeeze the “legs” of the hanger together which will enable the hanger to be removed from the rear of the frame and simply squeeze again to reinsert into the alternative side of the frame.

Care note

The glass in aluminium frames is 2mm thick. It is imperative that when lifting frames or glass that it is lifted evenly with 2 hands, never lift the glass or frame from a flat surface by one corner, as it will certainly break the glass.