Now that autumn is finally upon us, what better way is there to celebrate the season of earthy golds, browns, and oranges than with a bright, warm framed artwork to hang at home?

At Frames Now, we regularly re-frame original artworks.

It’s a great chance to refresh both the look of the artwork and also the materials used in the framing, as new acid-free materials will prolong the life of the artwork. In the case of an original oil painting, this can simply mean a new backing board or a new clear, or non-reflective glass.

In the case of old or original photographs, watercolours, tapestries, embroideries, or memorabilia framing, this might mean new acid-free or archival matboards (or mat borders), as well as archival or conservational glass to go in the timber picture frame.

These methods of archival framing and conservation framing will extend the lifetime of the artwork and will prevent a need for costly restoration of the artwork itself.

Do you have an artwork that needs “refreshing”?

At Frames Now, our picture framers are always ready to help you choose the correct framing result!

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