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The 2014 Camberwell Art Show will be held in the same venue as last year – Swinburne University in Burwood Road, Hawthorn.

The Camberwell Art Show is one of Australia’s premier art events. For many years the Camberwell Art show was held in the Camberwell Town Hall in Camberwell Road, Camberwell.

Frames Now’s contribution

Frames Now has been a supplier of picture frames to artists for over 49 years. Over that time, we have framed all sorts of medias: oil paintings, watercolours, pastels, acrylics.

This year, the Camberwell Art Show celebrates its 47th year and is considered a prestige event with many artists entering with the desire to win one of the many awards. Great picture framing has always been considered an important component to exhibiting artists. Maybe best summed up as by Van Gogh who said “A painting without a frame. is like a soul without a body”.

The Frames Now picture framers have seen framing come a long way over the past 49 years of providing artists frames for the Camberwell show. In the early days, the show was dominated by oil paintings often painted on primed masonite by some of Melbourne’s prominent artists. These were often framed using a linen slip style of frame with a hand coloured or limed picture frame moulding.

Over the years as commercial moulding manufactures have been producing beautiful gold and silver leaf mouldings, the options for artists framing pictures has come along way.

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High-quality materials

As the quality of art materials has improved and the awareness of the importance of permanence the materials used have significantly improved. Similarly, the quality of picture framing materials has improved over the past 49 years. With the advent of acid-free materials, conservation framing standards, museum glass for protection of items framed behind glass, customers can expect their original paintings to have a significantly greater life span than the old days.

The closest Frames Now store to this years Camberwell Art Show which is held in Burwood Road, Hawthorn would be the Frames Now Surrey Hills store located at 585 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. The Surrey Hills store is just 5.4 kilometres from the Hawthorn venue for the 2014 Camberwell Art Show.

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