Fit A Frame

Fitting and Handling of Your Picture Frame

Important: Do not attempt to remove the glass from the frame, as it may catch on the black bendable tabs and will likely break.

Do not lift a large frame from one corner or carry from one edge of the frame alone, as this creates undue pressure on the frame and could cause the glass to twist and break. Always lift and carry frames from its sides.

Fitting Instructions

Preparing the print for framing:

1. If your print is rolled, we recommend leaving it on a hard, clean surface overnight, with some weights on each corner to reduce the curling of the paper.

Attaching the artwork to a matboard:

If you have purchased a matboard to go with your frame,

a. Lay the print face-down on a clean, flat surface.

b. Create two strips of acid-free tape which are each approx. 14 of the width of the print.

c. Attach these two strips to the back of your artwork at the top, ensuring half of the tape is affixed to the print and half is left overhanging. When complete, turn your print over.

d. Slowly lower the matboard over the print, checking the position as you go.

e. Once happy with the position, press the matboard down over the exposed tape, then turn the matboard over and rub the piece of tape to ensure a secure bond.

This is how your matboard and print should look from behind after attaching:


Putting the artwork into the frame:

2. Lay the frame face-down on a clean, flat, sturdy surface — such as your kitchen bench.

TIP: Attempting to fit an artwork to a frame over carpet can cause undue amounts of dust to settle inside the frame and attempting to fit a frame on an uneven surface such as a couch could lead to glass breakage.

3. Bend the black bendable tabs back to be flush with the internal edge of the frame.

TIP: Use a tool such as a flat-headed screwdriver or a butter knife to lift the bendable tabs. The tabs should be as straight and flush to the frame as possible, or the backing board can be hard to remove and replace.

4. Gently lift the backing board from the frame.

TIP: Do not push from the glass front to remove the backing board. If the backing board is resisting, check the black tabs are appropriately straight and are not causing the resistance.

5. Remove the internal paper and discard.

6. Using a microfibre cloth, gently dust the glass to remove any fibres.

If the glass requires cleaning, leave it inside the frame. Use a microfibre cloth and regular glass cleaner, rub the glass gently in a circular motion. Ensure the glass has dried before proceeding.

7. Place your print (and matboard, as relevant) face-down against the glass.

8. Once happy, place the backing board into the frame
with the standback/hanging brackets facing out.

9. Bend the black tabs down to be firmly pressed against
the backing board.

Hanging your picture frame:

10. Larger frames are fitted with four silver metal brackets. If your frame has these brackets, use the supplied screws to attched these brackets to the internal frame edge.

11. Hang the frame from the brackets or string attached to the backing, using a picture frame hook appropriate for the weight of your frame. Do not attempt to hang the frame from the edge of the frame itself.

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