Father’s Day Gift ideas

Father’s Day gift ideas

Do you need inspiration for Father’s Day gift ideas? Spoil Dad with these Frames Now gift ideas with Australia’s largest range of picture frames.

1. DIY Jersey Frame

Exclusive to Frames Now is the DIY jersey frame kit. Whether your dad is a fan of basketball, racing, football, or any other sport the DIY Jersey frame kit is the perfect gift this Father’s Day.

This frame kit not only displays his precious jersey but also protects them from dust and UV damage. The DIY Jersey frames can be purchased both online or in-store.

Tip: Make your gift even more special by adding a customised plaque. Visit us in-store to discuss your project with one of our Framing Specialists.

2. Framed poster

His favourite band, a premiership win, his dream car, the options are limitless when it comes to framing a poster for your dad.

Give your dad a gift that will bring back “the good old days” by framing a memorable poster. Click here to view our online range of poster frames.

Tip: Did you know Frames Now offers in-store printing? Simply bring your file on a USB to any of our stores and let our team of Framing Specialists take care of the rest.

3. Ball display box

Does your dad have a football signed by the 1980 premiership team or a tennis ball signed by Roger Federer?

No matter the sport or the signature, these pieces of memorabilia should be both protected and displayed. Frames Now offers three different sized display boxes suited for tennis balls, basketballs, and footballs ensuring the signatures stay as fresh as the day they were inked.

Tip: Did you know Frames Now offers customisable plaques? Visit us in-store today to learn more.

4. Frame his treasured moment

Every dad has that one special moment in their life that they love to remind their friends and family about.

For some dads it’s a hole in one, for others it’s the giant fish they caught in 1992. No matter what the treasured moment is, our Framing Specialists can create a stunning frame to display your father’s treasured moments

Tip: Bring dad’s treasured items with you to one of the Frames Now stores for a framing consultation with our award winning Framing Specialists.

5. Frame his signature dad joke

There is nothing that brings a dad joy like his favourite joke… even if no one else finds it funny.

Give your dad a gift that will not only bring a smile to his face but also be one he treasures for years to come.


Beautiful job!

Staff have a good eye and are great at explaining different options to suit your decor, personal taste and budget. For a customised product, the prices are reasonable.

-Arthur T

Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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