Five Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you need inspiration for a Mother’s Day Gift? Spoil with any of these Frames Now gift ideas.


1. Name Frame

Exclusive to Frames Now, our name frames make a great personalised gift for Mother’s Day. Our computerised mat board cutters have a wide range of fonts and sizes and can shape your name to fit in any one of our ready-made frames.

We recommend placing family photos behind the letters to create a very personal and stunning contrast!

Visit a Frames Now store to speak with one of our framing specialists to find out how to make this unique present a truly special one.

2. Frame a childhood possession

Frame a sentimental childhood possession; from your baby booties, ballet slippers to your first dress, this is a gift that Mum will treasure for years to come.

Did you know we have a wide range of box frames, suitable to frame bulky possessions such as dolls? Simply, bring your piece to a Frames Now store for a free framing consultation.

3. School Photo Frame Pack

Your school photos shouldn’t belong in an album or a dusty draw. These childhood memories document your journey throughout school and are great conversation starters when framed and on display.

Framed school photos make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for both Mum and Grandma.

To create a gallery wall with your school photos view our how to guide!

4. Framed Inspirational Quote

Do you love Mum to the Moon and back? If your Mum is your only sunshine, consider printing and framing a quote!

Frame your special inspirational quote as a Mother’s Day gift in one of our ready-made frames today.

Did you know that Frames Now offer printing? Simply, bring your file on a USB to one of our stores and our Framing Specialists will take care of the rest!

5. Frames Now Gift Card

Sure, you could buy Mum that generic Myer gift card – the same one you gifted for her birthday and Christmas, or perhaps you could make Mother’s Day extra special with a gift card she will truly love!

Show your appreciation with a Frames Now Gift Voucher, which can be redeemed for both custom framing and ready-made frames.

Gift vouchers range from $50 to $500 and are available both in-store and online.