Framing War Medals, Badges and Identity Discs

Framing war medals and service memorabilia

At Frames Now we understand the sentimental value of your service memorabilia, and our staff take pride in respectfully framing your families heirlooms.

With over 48 years’ experience in framing war medals and memorabilia, our expertise ensures the highest standards for both service and advice. Visit a Frames Now store to discuss how we can best display your framed memories and keepsakes.

Framing War Medals, Badges and Identity Discs

At any of our Frames Now stores, our staff will sit down with you to discuss the various options for framing your war medals, badges and identity disks. These options include:

  • How the medals, badges and identity disks will stand
  • In-built panel to remove the medals (for marches etc.)
  • Glass backing to see the medals, badges and identity disks from behind
  • Custom made plaques

For added peace of mind all of our frames come with a ten-year guarantee.

Tip: A large range of replica war medals can be purchased from Foxhole Medals.

Preserving your families service memorabilia

We understand that you want to pass your families history down generation to generation. To ensure your heirlooms stand the test of time we offer solutions such as UV-resistant glass and acid-free matboards, tape and backing boards.

Over the past 48 years we have framed a range of service memorabilia including medals, letters, service records, plaques, flags, photos, uniforms, identity disks and berets.

To discover the possibilities for your families heirlooms and service memorabilia bring your piece/s into any of our Frames Now stores located across Melbourne.


Excellent, expert and friendly advise.

Excellent, expert and friendly advise provided during for both custom and standard framing requirements. A high degree service has always been our experience. Highly recommended for any framing jobs.

-Arthur T

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Service Memorabilia Framing Examples