Gallery Wall tips and tricks

Scrolling endlessly through Pinterest for gallery wall inspirations but not sure where to start? There are so many different ways to hang your gallery wall and many combinations you can use. Let us show you a few gallery wall tips and tricks that can get you started!

Five tips for your gallery wall

A gallery wall is a great way to showcase your personality in your home, as well as creating an extra layer of interest on your wall. Some of you may find the process of building up a gallery wall somewhat scary and confusing, but in fact, gallery walls are a lot of fun and the outcome once everything is up on the wall is filled with satisfaction and excitement. Here are a few tips on creating your gallery wall

  • Your print choices

    There are no set rules on what you should have up on your own wall, so always go with what you love. A good idea is always to mix up your prints and photos. They can be your own personal photos or poster collections, and even from an online shop to create the look you desire. You’d want to decide on which artwork will be the highlight of your gallery wall. This could be your vintage poster print or a photo you took from your recent travel. If you are looking to create the wall with brand new photographs, check out Unsplash for an incredible range of beautiful photographs.

  • Your framing choices

    Don’t be afraid to use a mix of different frames, colours and sizes. We would recommend mixing large, medium and small sized frames. Remember that you can also build up a small photo into a bigger sized frame with clever matboard and/or frame choices. If you are after a gallery wall with the same size and type of frames, you can align them into a grid that works for your wall. In this instance, you want to make sure each frame is the same size and all your matboards (if using) are matching in colour and widths. Try our NEW Online Custom Framing tool.

  • Laying out your frames

    Start by laying out your frames on the floor. You can estimate the size of your wall with the help of some tape. Although everything is customisable, we would recommend leaving a generous gap between each frame (around 8-10cm). For a mismatched gallery wall with various frame sizes, start with your big highlight piece in the middle and work your way out. You are essentially trying to balance out each side with your medium and small sized frames. If you are using the exact same sized frames, decide on how many you want in each row/column and then move your frames around until you are happy with the order. If you have a mix of darker and lighter toned artworks, placing your darker toned artwork along the top half of your grid can sometimes feel ‘top heavy’, like having a dark cloud looming over. Once you are happy with your gallery wall frame layout, take a photograph and get ready for the next part!

  • Hanging your frames

    Refer to the photograph of your gallery wall layout to avoid making any unnecessary holes. For a mismatched gallery wall, start with your largest frame then work your way out. To make it easier to straighten your frames, source a Level (you can even find them on your phone depending on your phone model). You can also ask for your frames to be installed with D-Rings and no wires upon placing your order. Don’t forget that you can always hire a professional to help you install your frames!


Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many questions when it comes to hanging a gallery wall. One size does not fit all and often it comes down to a little bit of creativity and intuition. This is where your design consultant at Frames Now can help! However, here are some frequently asked questions to get the ball rolling.

  • How do I plan out my gallery wall if my photos are not printed?
    If you are just deciding which photos to include in your gallery wall; pick out photos you want to include into one folder. There are online websites for photo collages which can be utilised to test the combination of photos. At Frames Now, we also offer high-quality photo printing services. Simply bring your selected photos for your gallery wall in a USB for printing. Whilst in the store, you can also ask our friendly staff to help you decide on framing for each image.
  • What if I don’t have enough artwork?
    You don’t always have to complete your gallery wall in an instant. In fact, a lot of people add more artwork to their wall over time. So don’t worry if you don’t have tons of artwork to choose from at the moment. Start small, and build the wall up as you go. An alternative is to source photographs from Unsplash as mentioned in the article, or look for new prints and posters online. 
  • I have a previously framed artwork to include in my gallery but I want to change the frame style?

    Bring your frame into your nearest Frames Now store and our friendly framers will be able to help you re-frame your artwork to something that suits your gallery wall collection. Chances are you can re-use some elements within the frame (i.e glass, backing, etc). If you wish to keep the existing framing for other works, simply let our staff know that you’d like it returned.

  • Can I come into the store for help?

    Absolutely! Bring artworks for your gallery wall into your nearest Frames Now store and our framing specialists will help you make your visions come true. Just be sure to know at least a general idea of what you are after (online images, etc).

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