Hanging Picture Frames: A Short and Sweet Guide

Got a picture frame to put on the wall but don’t want to splurge on a professional picture hanger? No worries, Frames Now can offer you a few friendly pointers that just might help when it comes to hanging time!

When hanging your picture frame, the key things to remember are:

The right artwork for the right space. When you’re considering where to hang your artwork, think about things like light, space and humidity. For example, fun artwork is going to be hung in full sun, unless it’s made of a robust material like timber or metal, it is certainly going to fade.

And if an artwork is small, there is no point in hanging it in a large space – it will get lost. Think of hanging your picture like selling real estate – location, location, location!

You want the middle of the artwork to be roughly eye level. Okay, so you have a massive wall space for your artwork. That’s fantastic! But just remember, if you’ve got a whole wall, aim to hang the artwork so that the middle of the frame is 150 cm from the floor.

But how do you do this? Here is a handy guide for making sure you hang your artwork at the appropriate height:

“Basic Install Tips for 2D Hanging” 

If the middle of the frame isn’t eye level, make sure it’s balanced against its surroundings. If you’ve got space between the ceiling a piece of furniture, aim to have the middle of the frame in the center of the wall space. The idea is that your artwork looks centered in the

space in which it’s hung.

Have insurance: use two hooks, even if the artwork is small. That way, if one hook gives way, you’ve got another holding the frame in place.

Nail the hooks in close together. Nailing your hooks close together means less fiddling about with making the two nails perfectly level. If you want to make them level, use a spirit level. Spirit levels are a useful tool that will ensure your artwork is level. They can be purchased cheaply from your local hardware store.

That’s right; I said nail your hooks. Or screw them in. But do not, if you can possibly help it, use adhesive hooks. These can fail for a number of reasons: temperature, relative humidity, frame weight, wall composition – and all it takes is one failed adhesive hook, and you have a broken picture frame on your hands – disaster!

Armed with these handy hints, the hanging process should be easier for you! But remember, with anything extremely large or complex, it’s always best to consult a professional!

Good luck and happy picture hanging!