Follow our step-by-step guide to frame your Melbourne I Love You jigsaw puzzle.

Frames Now are delighted to work with Melbourne I Love You to offer a made-to-measure jigsaw puzzle picture frame and assembly board. This guide and video will step you through how to fit your completed puzzle into our picture frame. If you have any questions that this tutorial does not answer, please feel free to reach out to one of our friendly framers.

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Step-by-step guide

1. Place the frame face down on a flat surface such as a table, bench or the floor. Carefully bend back the metal tabs holding the backing board into the frame.

2. Remove the backing board from the frame and set aside, ensuring you LEAVE THE GLASS IN THE FRAME. If the glass needs a clean, do this while it is still in the frame, as there is a high chance of breaking the glass if it makes contact with any of the metal tabs whilst attempting to remove it.

3. Place your assembly board underneath your puzzle and the frames backing board on top of the puzzle. Holding the two boards together, flip the jigsaw over so you can see the back of the puzzle.

4. Using Framers Tape, place strips of tape along the back of the puzzle to ensure the pieces stay together.

5. Lift your puzzle, placing it face down on the glass.

6. Carefully replace the backing board into the frame and bend the metal tabs back down to secure it in place.

7. It is recommended to seal the back of the frame by applying framer’s tape around the edges of the backing board. This will prevent any insects and dust from entering inside the frame and causing damage to your jigsaw.

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