Mother’s Day with Steph and her family

Stephanie's Mother's Day By Frames Now

Stephanie’s Family for Mother’s Day by Frames Now


With Mother’s Day only a few days away, we visited one of our customers Steph, who will be celebrated by her family this coming weekend.

We chatted to her about family, how they’ll be celebrating on Sunday, and her experiences framing mother’s day mementos with us.

Can you tell us a little bit about your kids, how would you describe them?

I have two kids – Riley who is nearly 10 and Addison who will be 8 in September. Both are cheerful happy kids who make me smile and laugh every single day.

Stephanie’s Kids Riley and Addison for Mother’s Day by Frames Now

How do you usually celebrate Mother’s Day in your family?

Mother’s Day for me starts by being woken up early by the kids who have an assortment of gifts for me.
The store bought gifts are very thoughtful but I love and treasure the hand made cards and drawings they make for me (I actually keep them in a box).
They then make me breakfast in bed and we spend the day doing something special and different from a normal Sunday which usually involves grocery shopping or housework!
Do you have any stories that are especially close to your heart that you shared with your kids on Mothers Day? Please tell us a fun one.

When Riley was in prep his teacher had the kids answer questions about their mum and presented each of us with a book of their answers….according to Riley, when he is at school I spend my day “doing nothing and drinking coffee.”

Can you tell us a little bit about the photos you framed? Where was it taken? What makes it special?

I had three photos framed…the first is of Riley and Addison walking into school. I was behind them and saw that Riley had put his arm around Addison. Quickly thinking I snapped them with my phone and it is now one of my favourite photos of them because it shows how much he loves his sister.

Stephanie’s B&W Picture Framed for Mother’s Day by Frames Now

The second one is quite similar with them walking arm in arm around Perth Zoo. Even though you can’t see their faces this photo brings back memories of the great time they were having.

Stephanie’s Framed Kids Picture for Mother’s Day by Frames Now

What are you excited to frame next? 

The last photo was taken on Mother’s Day last year. I make sure I have a photo taken with the two kids each year on Mother’s Day to see how much they change from year to year. One day I would like to do something with my collection of Mothers Day photos!

Stephanie’s Children with Framed Photo for Mother’s Day by Frames Now

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