Frames Now Glen Waverley

Tuesday 29th May 2012, sees us open a new picture framing store. Well….. new to the Frames Now group anyway.

The picture framing business was started 1975, just 2 years after the original Frames Now store in Blackburn North. Originally, the High St Road framing business was called Glen Waverley Picture Framing and traded successfully for 31 years.

Then in 2006, the business was bought by another successful picture framer Tony Stocks, whose business trades as Framing to a T (which has 2 other picture framing stores in Narre Warren and Berwick). Tony choose to sell the Glen Waverley business in 2012 to Frames Now so he could focus on his Narre Warren and Berwick custom picture framing stores.

Whilst it is our intention to rebrand the Glen Waverley store to the Frames Now brand and convert the model to be consistent with the Frames Now format of Custom Picture Framing and Ready-Made Frames, initially we want to settle in and ensure that we maintain and service the strong existing customer base. We look forward to meeting all past customers of Glen Waverley Picture Framing and Framing to a T, and invite all the existing Frames Now customers from the Waverley and Monash area to pop into the store and watch the transformation.

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