Picture Frame Mat Board

Five Quick Photo Framing Tips

Photo framing tips

Make your photos last for generations to come with these simple five quick photo framing tips.

Protect your photo using a mat board

Did you know that mat boards can protect your photograph from condensation? The mat board within a frame creates a gap between your photograph and the glass – which significantly reduces the chance of water vapour damage.

Plus, they look great! Browse our range of frames with mat boards here.

Preserve your photos from fading

Is your photo frame located in an area exposed to direct sunlight? Choosing the right frame glass with UV protection will ensure your photograph will not fade over time.

Frames Now use Conservation Clear Glass which blocks out 99% of UV rays, ensuring your art is protected from long term deterioration.

Photo Framing Tips - UV Protective Glass

Picture Frame UV protective glass

The backing to your frame matters

Do you have a wood (MDF) backing? Well, there are acids in that MDF that can turn your precious photos and art yellow. Fortunately, there are 3 different ways to fix this issue:

  1. Using the paper that came in your readymade frame as a barrier.
    You know that “pointless” piece of paper that comes in every frame, well it isn’t actually so pointless. Simply flip this paper insert over so the printed side is facing the MDF to protect your photo.
  2. Using another mat board behind the image.
    Using another mat board will create a gap between your photo and the MDF, protecting your art.
  3. Replacing the MDF with a foam core backing.
    A foam core backing is acid free, guaranteeing that your photo will not discolour. Foam core backings can be purchased at any of our Frames Now stores.

Are you using the right tape?

When using mat boards, aligning your photo into the perfect position within a frame is made easy using tape – however, are you using the correct type of tape?

We recommend only using specially purposed Framing Tape (available from Frames Now) to align your photo. Framing Tape can also be used to seal the back of your frame, preventing damage from dust or insects.

Make your photos last longer

Did you know that printing on photo rag will ensure your photos live longer?

Photo Rag is made out of 100% cotton and has been tested to last 10x longer than regular photo paper.

Visit any one of our stores to speak with a Framing and Printing Specialist on how we can make your photos last longer.