Sometimes photo framing seems deceptively easy. Take a picture and put it in a frame, right? Done! But actually, there’s a lot to consider, from the printing of your photos to the design of your photo frame. Especially if you want your pictures to look their best!

Don’t worry, though, we at Frames Now are here to help you with framing your photographs with a few handy hints, as well as some things to consider when framing your photos.


Photo Framing - Frames Now

Photo Framing


Firstly, colour.

Do you want your photographs to be in black and white, or do you want colour prints?

When framing black and white photos, you’re limited to a greyscale colour palette. That is, generally speaking, black and white photos work well with either black, white or silver frames.

Similarly, if you choose to use colour in your matboard design, it should be minimal and surrounded by neutral matting to offset the shot of colour in your design. Colour prints, however, give you a lot more to work with in terms of frame design – you can keep it simple, or you choose to play up the colour scheme of your photos with a complementary framing colour scheme. Colour photos open up your choices to include timber, gold, silver, brightly coloured frames – but don’t be overwhelmed! An experienced picture framing consultant will be able to narrow down your choices to the best possible option in no time at all!


Seeing as we already talked about matboard design, let’s talk matboards. Matboards are cardboard surrounds for your photographs that come in an array of colours and can be as slim or as wide as you choose. Should you have a matboard? Generally, yes. Photographs are usually full of detail, and a matboard can provide a kind of visual “breathing space” between the photograph and the frame. This also helps the frame design look balanced.

In addition to this, a matboard helps keep your photograph off the picture frame glass. Why is this necessary, you ask? Because in sunlight, or in humid environments, picture frame glass can experience condensation. This can cause your photograph to stick to the glass. Permanently. Do you want that for your photograph? No? We didn’t think so!

So, use a matboard and avoid disaster!


Photo Framing - Frames Now

Photo Framing – Matboards


Frame choices.

Now we need to consider your frame design. Will it be large or small? Simple or ornate? One mat or four? The choice is ultimately up to you, but a creative, knowledgeable picture framer is your best friend at this crucial point in the photo framing process! Bring your photograph(s) over to your trusted picture framer, and see first hand the design expertise and attention to detail that will make your photographs look truly special when the frame is finished!

You have the choice of a readymade frame, or a custom picture frame. The choice is up to you, but even a readymade frame off the shelf can look fabulous with a custom matboard design!


Photo Framing - Frames Now

Photo Framing – Frame Choices


One frame or many?

Finally, what happens if you’ve got a lot of photographs to frame? You can put them all into individual frames, of course, but if wall space is scarce, you also have the option of a multi-window matboard in a single frame. Frames Now stores are equipped with state-of-the-art computerised mat cutters, which can produce a gorgeous, balanced multi-window mat design for you in minutes. You’ll be amazed at what you can create – so come in with your photos, and let your imagination go wild!


Photo Framing - Frames Now

Photo Framing – Frames Now