Picture Frame Sizes

Picture Frame Sizes.jpg

Ready made picture frame sizes

What a significantly different look you can create by using different picture frame sizes. The photograph shows the same picture framed in different picture frame sizes. In this example, the varying picture frame sizes become a work of art or decorative framed piece on their own. Using either ready-made picture frames or custom picture framing, the Frames NOW picture framers can create just the look you are looking for your home.

Different looks

This effect has been achieved by varying the mat boards (often called mounts) to create visually different looks. We would say there is not a right or wrong but rather what look you are trying to achieve by using different picture frame sizes.

You will notice the picture frame is the same in each example and the mat board is the same colour. By changing the proportions of the matting which in turn changes the picture frame sizes, you can create this stunning effect. This can all be achieved by using ready made picture frames.

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