In collaboration with local artist, Tara Cull, Frames Now is donating these beautifully framed watercolour paintings to auction! All proceeds will be going to Friedreich’s Ataxia Association, whose work it is to enhance the quality of life for people that suffer from the neurological, degenerative disease Friedreich’s Ataxia.

If you can imagine these handsome framed creatures proudly displayed on the walls of your home, you will find them at:

Friedreich’s Ataxia Association charity raffle
Matthew Flinders Hotel, Chadstone
Saturday, 6th April
From 7.30pm

Frames Now is proud to support its artist customers that in turn are committed to worthy causes.

We are happy to talk about sponsorship of custom picture framing and ready-made frames and gift vouchers. Our picture framers help you choose the right frames to ensure that your framed art looks its best, whether that is with custom picture framing or ready-made frames, that can be with or without matboards.

Invariably items, whether they are watercolour, oil paintings, photographs and sporting memorabilia such as football jumpers or jerseys, will recover the cost of framing at charity events. The issue is with unframed pictures is that bidders are unsure how much it will cost to frame an item, how to frame a picture, the differences between custom picture framing and ready-made frames.

Allow one of the Frames Now to show you all the best options and if your painting, photograph, football jumper should be framed for the event like Tara’s was for the Friedreich’s Ataxia Association auction in Chadstone.

Visit your nearest Frames Now store today!

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