Black picture frame

Ready-made picture frames and picture framing has the capacity to change the feel and mood not just of the picture but the whole room.

Depending on the style you are wanting the choice of frame or matting can have either a subtle or dramatic impact.

The framed picture of a multiple generations of family in our example demonstrates the difference. The white picture frame and black mat, makes the senior lady jumper “pop” from the image and highlights the grey hair (maybe not what the ladies would want)

The second image with the white mat border and darker frame, makes the whole framed picture look a bit funkier, younger and fresh.

There is no right or wrong choices between these two but rather where is the framed family picture going to hang and how much space there is and how does that framing “sit” with the rest of the décor.

To see how your picture will looked framed, visit your nearest Frames Now picture framing stores and speak with a picture framer today. Whether you are wanting custom picture framing or ready-made frames, our framers are always on hand to be able to help with design and advice.

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