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How much do you think about picture framing protecting art when making your choices?

Here’s our view on what you could do to get the best outcome:

  • Limited series movie, event, and art prints as well as artist proofs require acid-free conservation picture framing materials to ensure their longevity.

  • Frames Now offer picture framing that is not only aesthetically appropriate but responds to the high level of conservation and preservation standards required by your limited editions and original artwork.

    The consequences of using poor quality picture framing materials can be yellowing of the paper of the artwork, particularly where it is in contact with non-­acid free mat-board or sticky tape, as well as faded inks and art mediums.

  • Frames Now provide a range of choices regarding glass types with UV protection from high clarity Museum glass, Conservation Clear to lightweight, and abrasion-resistant Optium Museum Acrylic perspex.

  • Our entire collection of mat colours available are constructed to last and will protect and promote the life of your framed limited editions, artworks and art prints. The practical application of matboard is to act as a physical barrier between the artwork material and the glass. Contact with the glass surface over time enables the art medium to stick and release, the best prevention is separation from day one.

Modern Limited Edition Print Ornate Frame Gold

For the ideal picture framing conditions for your limited edition collectible and art prints bring them into your nearest Frames Now store today.

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