Picture Framing

Picture framing is available in either ready-made off the shelf, or custom made (bespoke).

The frames can be supplied empty for customers to put their images in themselves which is a popular option for artists and photographers who are often quite competent at picture framing. The Frames Now team is always on hand to help people wanting to do their own fitting and framing.

Common options with framing are glass, backings, and matting (often referred to as borders). There are various matting options, however at Frames Now, as a minimum standard, all the matboards we use for framing are acid-free.

Picture framing is a great way to preserve photographs, original artwork, posters, football memorabilia, war medals, tapestries.

Essentially, framing fits into 2 broad categories:

  • Decorative framing is often achieved using ready-made frames.

  • Conservation framing which is normally done as custom framing.

Whilst it is possible to frame to conservation framing standards using ready-made frames, it is more likely that conservation framing is achieved through the custom framing process.

To find out more about either decorative framing or conservation framing, speak to a Frames Now picture framer today!

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