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With clever design, a ready-made frame from Frames Now can be made to look like a custom frame.

Ready-made Timber Frames

Timber frames are generally more popular for these art types:

  • Photographs (professional and casual)

  • Tapestries / Embroideries

  • Jigsaw puzzles

  • Original art – paintings, drawings, sketches, charcoal and pastel

  • Limited Edition prints

Frames Now has a wide range of ready-made stock frames, covering sizes from a small 6×4″ photo print, to a huge 100 x 70cm print.

Our regular ready-made frame colours include, but are not limited to, black frames, white frames, mocha frames (dark timber), walnut frames (light timber,) and silver frames in a modern finish. Our traditional-styles come in gold frames, silver frames, and walnut frames (light timber).

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Ready-made aluminium frames

Aluminium frames are generally more popular for these art types:

  • Certificates and documents

  • Posters

  • Modern digital/graphic art

Aluminium frames present a cost-effective framing choice for a short-term framing project. Our team at Frames Now wouldn’t normally recommend them for anything valuable, though. Although they have the benefit of being very lightweight and visually minimal, they cannot be sealed to resist moisture.

Because they are lightweight, they are often popular framing solutions for businesses looking to create point of sale presentations.

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Using matboards

If it should happen that none of the standard sizes in stock suit your artwork, pre-made frames can be adapted to suit with a matboard. Matboards (often called mats, borders, surrounds, inserts) come in hundreds of colours. Good matboard choices will make a frame look more “custom,” even if it uses a pre-made stock frame.

Most Frames Now stores can cut mats while-you-wait, making ready-made frames the best choice for those last-minute or urgent framing jobs.

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