6″ Apartment Hanger


6″ Apartment Hanger


6″ Apartment Hanger

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Melbourne CBD and Metro$14.90
Rest of Victoria$24.90


Product help

Our picture frame sizes refer to the image size that it will suit or internal capacity of the picture frame, not the overall outside measurement of the picture frame.

When measuring your image to fit into a picture frame, measure from the absolute outside edge. If a matboard is included in the frame, measure in the same way as above. Please note matboard openings are cut 5mm less than the image size allowing for a slight overlap. This will hold your image flat and prevent the edges slipping out and becoming visible.

All frames will hang landscape or portrait, please specify when ordering.

Our picture frames are designed with easy self-fitting in mind. A how-to-fit guide specific to your selected product is included upon delivery.

If you have any questions please contact our friendly support team.


The Hangman Apartment Hanger consists of two aluminum interlocking brackets modeled after the French Cleat featuring a built in level which ensures an accurate installation. The aircraft grade aluminum brackets will not corrode and can be used indoors or outdoors. The system uses small nails which leave pin size holes and a foam back to protect walls from scuffs and marks. Once installed it can be adjusted left or right.

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