New matting is a great way to freshen up an existing frame.

Mats (borders) can be cut to any size or configuration or hole shape.

We cut Mats (borders) to any size or configuration or hole shape with Frames Now mat cutting.
We use the world’s finest computerised mat cutting (CMC) built in Switzerland by Gunnar and Zun. These machines enable us to achieve fast mat cutting, accurately and economically.

In our Bayswater, Surrey Hills and Prahran stores, we can do mat cutting for photo frames most times while you wait.

Mat cutting

Whether the mat is for a new frame or a frame you may already have, our team can help you choose colours and determine border widths.

Multiple holes, step mats, double and triple mats are no problem creating a gallery collage (often called gallery frames) for your favorite picture frame or family and travel photographs.

We only use acid-free mat boards for your picture frame borders, ensuring the protection of your artwork.

Our computerised machines for mat-cutting for picture frames can show you on screen the best layout for your pictures into either your existing frames or choose from our extensive range of ready made picture frames.

Frames NOW use Bainbridge, Crescent, Mulimat, Rupaco, Rising and Arqadia mat boards.
These boards are globally considered to be the best mat boards.
Our bulk purchasing ensures that you are likely to pay no more than inferior old style boards from a traditional frame shop.