Shadow Box Picture Frame

Shadow Box Picture Frames – The perfect frame for your piece

Many of us have some special memento or keepsake that is not a flat piece of paper, and cannot be fitted into a standard flat frame. Things which deserve a better pride of place than just being stuck on our fridge door, or stored away in an old shoebox or cupboard drawer.

Perhaps something like 3D collages your children created one rainy afternoon? Or some origami paper flowers you and your best friend made together?

What’s more, many of us are also looking for a unique way to create personal wall decorations that tell a story about us or our loved ones, and the journeys we’ve been on. Sometimes they’re life’s journeys, sometimes they’re mementos we’ve collected on our travels to far-flung places …

If you’re ever asked yourself “How can I show them off? And where do I begin?”, we have the answer for you…

Shadow Box Picture Frames.

Shadow Box Framing with Letters

Shadow box picture frames

Shadow box frames, or 3D frames, are specially constructed picture frames which have a fixed space between the glass and the artwork, and they are a perfect way to show off anything that isn’t flat!

What’s more, they usually aren’t too hard to put together yourself, with ready made shadow box frames available to buy.

At Frames Now, shadow box frames are available in various sizes, in both square and rectangle formats, to suit 12 x 17 cm through to 30 x 30 cm artworks. They come in either a classic black, bright white, or natural oak finish, so there is bound to be a size and colour that suits your taste.

If you feel like customising these shadow box frames, this can be easily done by purchasing a mat board to replace the existing white mat board that comes inside each shadow box frame. If you prefer a different colour, a different window size, or need a mat board with no windows at all, this is easy to do!

So what happens if you can’t find a shadow box frame in the size you need? Or maybe you need a particular frame finish which will blend in better with other frames or furnishings in your home? Or you’ve found the perfect shadow box frame, but you’ve discovered your mementos are too fiddly and fragile to fit yourself?

At Frames Now, we can custom-make and fit shadow box frames to suit you. This is also a more suitable option if your objects are a little too deep, or too large.  Our friendly in-store framing consultants can help you design a frame to perfectly suit your cherished possessions, which you and your family will treasure for many years to come.

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Outstanding attention to detail which resulted in a most rewarding result. All that one can say is, ‘Wow’ & much gratitude!

-Eril R

Shadow Box Picture Frame