Frames Now have recently put together a collection of war memorabilia display frames.

These six variations of picture framing all present the same acquisition of war memorabilia in alternate styles each defined by six of our experienced picture framers. Each Frames Now picture framer had received the same set of war memorabilia consisting of Australian Army Corp. pins, a row of medals, a portrait photograph and plaque detailing the achievements.

It was then up to each picture framer to arrange and design the picture framing to complement the colour scheme of the war memorabilia. While some framed to traditional and classic styles with timber and ornate picture frame mouldings, one stood out as quite contemporary and suited towards minimal interior design using a combination of matting techniques and a coloured slip frame beneath the glass.

This emphasised a contrast in how through various picture framing executions the content of a frame can be respected whilst complemented to the decor and stylings of a specific home environment.

Bring your collection of memorabilia, photos and other objects no matter what they relate to and an experienced Frames Now picture framer will guide you through the design of a frame suited to your current decor requirements.

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