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Different Sized Picture Frames On The Wall

A Snapshot of Standard Photo Frame Sizes and Measurements

Whether you’re looking to buy photo frames online, or are simply trying to find the perfect frame for your photo or artwork, choosing the right size can be simple with the guidance of a Frames Now picture framer either in-store, or with our online “ask the framer” or the 1300 phone customer service line.

Traditionally, sizings haven’t been the simple process you might expect. To a newcomer, attempting to differentiate between photo frame sizes can be an arduous task which, especially for those that are buying premium frames or frames online can be an unnecessary costly mistake.

Luckily, learning how photo frame sizes are measured and refereed can be simple, it just takes a little attention to detail so you can do it yourself. To offer you that help, we have compiled a guide to finding yourself a fantastically-fitted picture frame!

How Are Picture Frames Measured?
Photo Frame Size Being Measured

Photo Frame Sizing

Given that the majority of standard-sized photos are still referred to in inches, such as 8×10, 5×7, 11×14,  it can be confusing. Frame Now use both inches and centimeters (cm) to make this easier. This does away with the need for unnecessary calculations that can lead to sizing errors.

The “Picture Frame Size”, as it is referred to, is the internal dimensions of your frame, also known as the glass size. Another factor to take into account when determining photo frame sizes is whether you want a mat board (some people refer to mats as mounts or borders). If you want a mat, by default you will require a larger picture frame so not to crop part of your image. This will both affect the size and aesthetics of your finished framed piece.

Many standard documents, posters and certificates come in standard paper sizes. Common standard sizes are A1, A2,A3,A4. We have standard size frames to suit all these document and certificate sizes. Furthermore, our picture framers can custom-make frames to A0 and A5.

Standard Vs. Custom

Custom photo frame sizes

While the difference between these two may appear simple, it can help to keep the distinction in mind when determining your photo framing needs.

  • Standard Sizing

Standard photo frame sizes, for example, come in 8” x 10”, 11” x 14” and 16” x 20” (also known in cm’s as 20.3×25.4, 28×25.5, and 40.6×50.8 respectively). Given the messy conversion to metric, it’s easy to understand why many simply refer to these standard sizes as 5×7 etc. All these sizes can be easily be bought either in-store or online at Frames Now.

Whilst photos can theoretically be printed in practically any size imaginable, they tend to be printed in standard sizes to maintain the photos original aspect ratio and practicality of framing.

  • Custom Sizing

Custom photo frame sizes are, for the most part, sizings that you are unlikely to find whilst traveling down the aisle of your local supermarket, discount department store or online framing sites. Custom sizes allow you to be creative with the printing of your photos for example by cropping the top and/or bottom of traditional landscape ratio image to make it a panoramic or making the image somewhat more contemporary by making it square.

  • Mat Board Sizing

In regard to picture framing, a mat (otherwise known as a “mount” depending on which part of the world you’re in) is a piece of coloured card that accompanies your frame. Mats should always be acid-free to protect your artwork or photo.

These mats serve as an additional framing aesthetic element, drawing the eye to the image, additionally, a mat can also be used for more practical purposes, such as further separating the picture from the glass. This is an important consideration if the item being framed is of financial or sentimental value, as condensation may be created between the image and the glass

The opening size of the mat is determined by making a decision to show all of the image, or possibly a considered decision to hide some of the image such as part of the image that detracts from the intended focus.

The width of the mat is a visual decision. If the art is busy or contemporary, a wider mat often looks better. The mat width may also be determined by what standard size picture frames are available.

Poster Frames

Poster Frame

Getting a standard size poster frame is a great way to get rolled up art or posters out of the tube and onto the wall from an overseas trip or concert by your favourite band.

Whilst we have the largest range of poster frames available in-store or online in Australia, the most common poster sizes are:

  • A2
  • A1
  • 50x70cm
  • 60x90cm

Often, posters look their best straight into a frame without a mat (mount) so not to detract from the image itself. Many other non-standard frames not listed above enable odd size posters to fit into standard sizes. We detailed the function of mats in a frame is to provide not only aesthetic value to photos but additionally, create space between the photo and the glass.

If you are wanting to create space between the glass and poster and not use a mat as you want to maintain a clean minimal look, there is a product we can add to ready made poster frames that we use in our custom framing workshop called “Frame Space that provides this functionality.