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Here at Frames Now, we believe that all sporting achievements are worth preserving. Australians are big sports fans, most growing up with the same background as their families, and what a better way to showcase your personality at home than a custom frame of your sports memorabilia.

What sports memorabilia can I frame?

Whether you’ve just won your sports championship or watched the journey of your favourite team achieve it, putting that story into a frame is an incredible way to ensure it will be treasured and preserved for many years to come. When it comes to sports, we know that there is a huge range of sporting memorabilia. From a poster of your favourite AFL footy team to a golf ball, and even a tennis racquet, here at Frames Now we can custom build your picture frame to help you present and preserve your sporting memories. 

We can custom build a shadow box frame to suit any object you have. You can also include any lanyards and passes, photos, and even a custom plaque for any names or dates you want within the frame. 

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Framing sport memorabilia

With so many varieties of sports memorabilia, we have briefly summarised a few popular objects. Keep in mind that with custom framing, you never only have one option, and whilst there are popular and more common ways of framing a sports memorabilia, what you want to include within your frame is up to you.

  • Jerseys

    We can frame your favourite AFL team jerseys along with photos and custom plaques to really tell a story. Here at Frames Now, we have special jersey kits that fit most jersey sizes and can be tailored to include your needs. 

  • Display cases

    For any objects such as soccer balls, basketballs, golf, and footy balls, a range of acrylic and perspex display cases are available to suit any popular sporting equipment. Simply bring the object into our store and we can show you the best option. This is also an incredible way to make sure your signed object is simply framed and easily displayed in your home.

  • Custom picture frames

    Have a signed tennis racquet from the Australian Open that you’d like to preserve and display in your home? We can custom frame any sporting equipment, including cricket bats and balls, and show you the best way to display them.

    We also encourage framing your membership pieces whether than be cards, badges, lanyards, or medals along together within a frame or as a separate frame to your sporting memorabilia as a way to tell a story in your home.

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Our staff are framing specialists and can show you ways to include various elements within your framed sports memorabilia. Visit one of our Frames Now store today and bring all of your sporting memorabilia to be framed.

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