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Valentines Day Picture Framing

Maybe you locked eyes while staring out from the Piazzale Michelangelo at sunset, maybe you met in a pub just outside Glenferrie. Whatever the origin story of your relationship, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show the special someone in your life that you truly appreciate the time you get to spend alongside them. However, after getting someone the same box of chocolates and $2 shop card for six years in a row, the sentimentality of it all can start to thin a little.

So, what can you do to spice up your romantic gift-giving?

At Frames Now, we didn’t just become valentine’s day picture framing experts for the sake of it; we truly believe that picture framing allows you a perfect chance to cherish and preserve those things most dear to you. This makes framing a spectacular option for those that feel that they want to step up the virtues of their Valentine’s Day display.

So, with the 14th of February quickly approaching, here’s a few fantastic ways to display your love with Valentine’s Day picture framing!

Picture Framing – Meaningful Memories

It could be the ticket stubs from your first movie date, or possibly one of the notes that you sent each other near the beginning of your relationship. Keepsakes will be different for everybody, but one thing is certain; framing these pieces of personal memorabilia will always make the ultimate addition to your Valentine’s hamper.


Aside from that perfect sprinkle of nostalgia that we all love every once in awhile, these sentimental little knick-knacks and scrapbook-stuffers show that you care enough to hold onto these things. As you can probably guess, the loveliness of this idea might be a little more difficult to produce if you didn’t hold onto these things, however, there are ways to still make this work.

For example, while you may not have that ticket stub, a framed poster from that movie or other pieces of memorabilia will still show that you remember and care about those moments. Plus, with hundreds of frames to choose from, our picture framing experts can help you find the perfect frame for your specific piece. A match made in heaven!

Enamoured Engraving

When most people think of picture framing, it’s often thought of as having one customisable option; allowing you to choose what goes inside it. However, as we detailed in our Thinking Outside the Frame blog, there’s an abundance of options for those that want to get a little creative with their picture framing choices.

One option that is perfect for the special person in your life is engraving. Whether you decide to go for the tasteful (“23rd September, 2006 ~ A Day in Paris”) or the cheesily over-the-top (“To My Loveliest Love-Bug Forever and Ever!”), the addition of an engraved message can take the gift of a framed picture from lovely to truly touching.

It Sounds Like Love

Have you ever thought of getting a framed picture of your voice’s sound waves?

While this is a little more esoteric than some of our previous suggestions, this one was far too cool to pass up. To put it simply, you can record a short voice clip and send it to a company. What they will send you in return is a printed copy of the sound waves your clip produced, accompanied by a small caption with what is actually being said.

While it may appear like an odd gift at first, think about it: What could possibly be more personal than a visualisation of you saying your partner’s pet name? This, coupled with a beautiful frame, makes a perfectly sentimental, oddly-stylish gift that your partner will love

At Frames Now, we stock an expansive range of frames and mats to accompany your Valentine’s Day gifts. Plus, with an experienced team of professional picture framing experts, we can assist you in finding the ideal frame that will match both your gift and the preferences of your loved one!

Just remember, Valentine’s Day isn’t about getting the most expensive gift, it’s about showing your appreciation for the person that you care for most. So, give this unique gift of Valentine’s Day picture framing this year.


Beautiful job!

Staff have a good eye and are great at explaining different options to suit your decor, personal taste and budget. For a customised product, the prices are reasonable.

-Arthur T

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