Follow our step-by-step guide to frame your Melbourne Map jigsaw puzzle.

Are you ready to discover Melbourne like never before? The Melbourne Map jigsaw puzzle would make a delightful gift or a keepsake of Melbourne to have as your own.

Frames Now are delighted to work with the makers of The Melbourne Map to offer a made-to-measure jigsaw puzzle picture frame and assembly board.

This guide and video will step you through how to fit your completed puzzle into our picture frame. If you have any questions that this tutorial does not answer, please feel free to reach out to one of our friendly framers.

Jigsaw Puzzle Frame

Step-by-step guide

  1. Prepare your puzzle by ensuring it is completed and ready for framing on our provided Assembly board.
  2. Turn your picture frame over. Remove the frames protective corners and lift the frame tabs. We recommend using a butter knife as these can be sharp.
  3. Remove the face paper (Note: not all frames will have face paper) and the frame backing board. Never remove the glass.
  4. Place the frame backing board on top of your jigsaw puzzle.
  5. Your jigsaw puzzle should now be sandwiched between the Assembly board and the picture frame backing board. Pinching the Assembly board and the picture frame backing board tightly, flip over your puzzle. Your jigsaw puzzle should now be facing down.
  6. Lift off your assembly board, and using sticky tape, run long strips of tape across your jigsaw puzzle to ensure all pieces are secure. We recommend Framers Tape, though standard tape will also work.
  7. As your puzzle is now taped together, you can lift your puzzle off the frame backing board and move it into the picture frame. Please be careful not to bend the jigsaw puzzle when lifting.
  8. Place back the face paper (Note: not all frames will have face paper) into your frame, followed by the frame backing board.
  9. Flip down the frames tabs to secure the backing board.
  10. Hang your picture frame to enjoy!
Jigsaw Puzzle Frame