War medal framing

Many families have a collection of war medals, historic photos and other memorabilia that has been handed from one generation to the next. The problem is that these precious heirlooms can get damaged, lost or forgotten hidden away in someone’s drawer. The solution is to do war medal framing so their service can be remembered and honoured by future generations of your family.

War medal framing – preserving your war medals and memorabilia

Many war medals and memorabilia will be aged and irreplaceable. Framing will preserve these objects for the future. We understand that some medals may be worn on ANZAC Day parades each year. We recommend that a replica set of medals are worn at these events and you frame the originals as a permanent solution to prevent damage or loss. There are many replica medal providers around Australia including Fox Hole medals.

How we preserve your war medals and memorabilia

  • Clean your medals and ribbons before bringing them to Frames Now. It doesn’t matter if ribbons are frayed or pins are broken – we can manage this in the framing process – but they should be as clean as possible.

  • We will use acid-free matboards to mount your medals within the frame.

  • We recommend using conservation-grade framing glass that blocks out 99% of UV rays to prevent fading of the objects in the frame.

  • For those extra special items, you may want to consider Museum glass; this glass has a special coating with 99% UV protection and it also minimises reflection, giving amazing clarity to your framed piece.

  • For very old or fragile items we could use archival quality matboard which is not only acid-free and buffered, but it is also ph neutral and made of 100% cotton. These are the highest quality matboards available and will neutralise existing acids – such as in the metals of a war medal.

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Custom war medal framing

With sentimental and unique objects, we would recommend custom-framing your items. Together with our expert picture framers, you select every aspect of the framing process to protect and enhance your precious objects.

War medal framing often includes many elements to add detail, context and interest to your framed medals. Other elements we have framed include

  • Photos

  • Letters

  • Postcards

  • Citations

  • Uniform patches and insignia

  • Hat badges

  • Service records

  • Flags

  • Handkerchiefs and many more items

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War medal framing – add a plaque to the frame

You’ve got the war medals and photos and maybe some other memorabilia. But what does it all mean? Don’t let this story become lost to future generations. At Frames Now we can design a plaque to add to the framed war medals to give the details of their service to our nation.

  • You decide what information to include on the plaque.

  • Together we design the look of the plaque – including colour, style of font, border etc.

  • We provide you with a proof of the plaque via email.

  • You make any changes and approve the plaque proof.

  • This attractive and informative plaque is incorporated into the design of your framed war medals.

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