Aboriginal art framing

Aboriginal art framing

Aboriginal art framing

An artform constantly growing in popularity, Indigenous Australian painting is worth preserving, with many archival techniques available. Ranging from traditional painting on bark or in it’s Western style, on canvas or watercolour paper.

The dot painting style is truly unique and suits both modern and conservative homes, however when it comes to framing for your Aboriginal art, the styles will vary widely depending on your decor and your individual preferences.

Aboriginal art framing – Canvases

Canvas stretching is a popular choice when it comes to framing your Aboriginal art. Frames Now’s picture framers specialise in knowing how to get a taut finish on the canvas stretching, and we guarantee the stretching for 10 years. However, you can also choose to frame your stretched canvas by adding a float frame. Our float frames are conservative and are available in many colours including the following

  • Black

  • White

  • Raw oak

  • Dark mahogany

  • Gold

  • Silver

Traditional Aboriginal art framing

If your Aboriginal Art is painted on bark, it’s important to preserve this using conservation materials so that the elements can no longer damage it. Here are a few materials and techniques that Frames Now employs for your Aboriginal art framing

  • Glass

    Preserving your art behind glass, especially UV resistant types such as Museum glass will stop your piece from colour fade as well as from gathering dust or condensation.

  • Mat boards

    Frames Now uses only acid-free mats. This means that the mats will not ‘eat’ into your Aboriginal art framing over time.

  • Hinging

    We can use conservation materials to adhere your art to your frame so that it can be reversed.

Be inspired by our framing portfolio

Recommendations for Aboriginal art framing

Aboriginal Art ranges from vibrant and contrasting colours, to mild colours of the desert landscapes. It often tells of creation, or the daily techniques used for survival.

Therefore, there are often two ways to frame your Aboriginal Art and it depends on the colours the artist used.

  • Simple

    Using black or white frames will often complement the brighter and colourful Aboriginal artworks as they do not detract focus.

  • Natural

    Using deep mahogany, raw oak or walnut timbers can mimic the concept of the artwork and fits in seamlessly with the colours used in the art.


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