Aboriginal Canvas: Stretch and Frame

Aboriginal Canvas: Stretch and Frame

Aboriginal canvas paintings are easier than ever to buy in this day and age. Aboriginal art galleries are now open throughout Australia and an Aboriginal canvas can be bought anywhere from Central Australia to the heart of Melbourne. As a result, there are many framing options available for Aboriginal art.

Many of our customers secure an Aboriginal canvas painting on their holidays which gives added sentimentality to the artwork. However, Aboriginal art is often bought as an investment but it can also be bought just because someone loved the design.

Regardless of the story, it is important to frame an Aboriginal canvas correctly. This is especially so in the case of very expensive canvas paintings.

There are a few types of Aboriginal canvas art:

  • The dotted canvas paintings, unique to Central Australia.

  • The cross-hatched style canvases, from Northern and Western Australia.

  • Fragile bark paintings in all styles.

  • And mixed Australian Aboriginal and Western style paintings on all media.

Canvas stretching

It is a common decision to simply stretch a canvas. But did you know there are special, minimalist, canvas frames? These give a clean, finished edge to a stretched canvas. However, they do not cover the canvas, or increase the size of it more than 2cm.

These subtle frames are becoming the most popular frames for canvas paintings. Our Frames Now team will gladly show you samples of these frames.

Canvas stretching

Framing methods

Good Australian picture framers know the best framing methods. From stretching of the canvas to the canvas framing, Frames Now framers specialise in framing canvas and this is especially so for Aboriginal canvas art. We guarantee the taut stretching of the framed canvas for life so your framed investment will always be safe if framed by Frames Now.

Did you know? Frames Now has a 10-year unconditional guarantee on all custom picture framing so you can be confident in high-quality framing.

Frames Now will also guarantee you love the frame design. Our picture framers are also skilled at matching frame to art.

Ask a Frames Now picture framer to show you how to get the most of your Aboriginal canvas today.

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