animation cels framing

Custom Picture Framing for Animation Cels

animation cels framing

Just returned from a holiday to Warner Bros or Movie World? Or maybe Disney World, Disneyland, or Universal Studios? Maybe you just got lucky on eBay, and managed to snatch up a piece of animated cinema history. Don’t leave it to rot in a box, bring it in to get framed in a picture frame!

Animation celluloid

Animation cels (short for celluloid) are generally limited, and often very valuable. Whether you managed to score a frame of your favourite scene, or character, it’s important to have the piece framed, both so you can display it framed in your home, and also so that it can be preserved in the framing. Conservation framing, from using acid-free mats (called matboards or borders by picture framers) all the way up to UV and Museum-grade picture framing glass, is now more affordable than ever before, making the humble picture frame the best safeguard for your investment.

Cels not used in production, usually limited editions and sometimes printed in a lithograph process instead of hand-painted originals, often don’t require a full custom framing process with high-level conservation. For these, our standard sized ready-made frames are most popular, along with carefully selected colours from our huge acid-free matboard range. Black and white frames are common choices, but anything from black and white to mocha, walnut timber, gold and silver frames, modern and traditional, will suit the right scene.

Other ideas sometimes used for animation cels are backlit frames and double-glazed (double-sided) frames.

Ask one of our picture framers to show you how to get the best from your animation cel! Bring your animation cel into your nearest Frames Now store.

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