Conservation Framing for Preservation of Framed Artworks

This is one of three parts of Frames Now’s series on conservation framing.

1. Conservation Framing for Preservation of Framed Artworks.
2. Mounting and Matboards for Picture Frames.
3. How and Where to Correctly Hang a Picture Frame.

One of the greatest risks to a framed artwork is poor-quality picture framing materials. If the picture frame and its backing, mounting, or even glass carry acids, they will damage any framed artwork in a picture frame, be it historical family photos, or a piece of memorabilia.

Keep a mind to some of these framing tips when selecting your next picture frame:


Specialty picture framers Perspex with a high level of UV resistance is the best glazing for a picture frame, as picture framing Perspex is very hard to break or damage, and the UV resistance will prevent fading in your framed artwork. Perspex isn’t suitable for all framed art types, however, so UV resistent picture framing glass (we recommend TruVue Museum Glass) is also available.

Backing board:

A correct backing board in a picture frame will be acid-free or even acid-neutral. An appropriate picture framing product is Foamcore, a foam-based picture framing backing which is acid-free. Wood-pulp based frame backings like MDF cannot be without acids which harm a framed artwork, and should be avoided when framing fragile or valuable art. The backing board should then be sealed, preferably with a moisture-resistant tape, to keep condensation out of your picture frame and away from your framed artwork.

Frame / Moulding:

The timber which makes up the picture frame (called the moulding) also plays a vital part in correct picture framing. A deeper picture frame moulding that brings the framed art away from the wall is best where possible, especially when dealing with thicker framed artworks. A wide variety of deep, or box picture frame mouldings is available.

Frames Now’s picture framers take great pride in framing your precious art to last. Please come in and speak with one of our experienced picture framers about preserving your framed art today.


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