Cross-Stitch Frames

Cross-Stitch Frames

At Frames Now we understand the time, care and skill it has taken to finally complete your cross-stitch, embroidery or needlework. Often hundreds of hours and many memories have gone into stitching your unique piece. Let us create a cross-stitch frame for you; taking the same care in turning your hard work into a beautiful display piece.

Steps to framing a cross-stitch

To ensure your cross-stitch looks beautiful for years to come we perform the following steps:

  • Preparing your cross-stitch

    Whether you have used Aida cloth, linen or Evenweave, it’s important to wash and iron your piece before framing. You will need to do this step. Don’t worry if your cross-stitch is out of the square as this can be rectified in the next step.

  • Stretch over backing

    The most common method of framing a cross-stitch is to stretch it over an acid-free backing. This means evenly stretching your piece over an acid-free backing board and securing it so it sits flat in the frame. We use cutting edge equipment for precision to ensure any remaining fold lines or hoop marks virtually disappear.

  • Keep your cross-stitch from touching the glass

    It is important that the surface of your cross-stitch is not touching the glass of the frame. A gap between your art and the glass will stop your stitches, including french knots and embellishments, from being squashed – it also allows your cloth to breathe. This gap will become a key design element of your framing. It can be achieved in many ways using matboards, spacers and inner frames.


Cross-stitch frames – Ready-made or custom

As you can see, framing your cross-stitch does require a level of expertise. Simply bring your prepared cloth into one of our Frames Now stores and we can help you design the perfect frame.

  • Ready-made frames

    If your cross-stitch fits into one of our ready-made frame sizes, our friendly framing specialists will help guide you through the process of fitting the cross-stitch into the frame in a way that protects it for generations to come.

  • Custom frames

    We understand that one style does not suit all. Custom picture framing allows complete customisation of the framing including the size and individual style. With hundreds of different frame mouldings and matboards as well as five types of glass, your design consultant will help you to design a frame that will make your piece look stunning!

Get started on your cross-stitch frames

We know how important your cross-stitch is to you. Often they are given as gifts to celebrate important occasions such as births, weddings or milestone birthdays. Frames Now will expertly frame your cross-stitch so it can be preserved to become the family heirloom it deserves to be.

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