Custom Framing for Modern and Contemporary Art

Custom Framing for Modern and Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is a staple in a modern home. From minimalist art into minimalist frames to grand pieces of art in high-gloss ornate frames, there is a solution for every artwork. Whether you’re looking to adapt your artwork into a ready-made picture frame or have a custom picture frame made, the Frames Now picture framers have the perfect style to suit you.

Oil Paintings

Original oil paintings can be put through the canvas stretching process by our picture framers, who specialise in quality and long-lasting stretching. From there it is common to frame in a canvas floater frame, which is a very minimalist style frame. Alternatively, a glossy ornate frame will suit a very busy artwork, often with a fillet or slip to enhance the visual effect.

Contemporary Art

Other contemporary art styles include linotype or linocut, artist proofs, limited edition prints, digital art, and digital photography. The choice of an appropriate picture frame will be easy to make with the guidance of our picture framers.

Some common examples of timber frame choices: a strong, dark or moody artwork might lend itself to our black or mocha frames, where a warm landscape artwork might suit a walnut or white frame. Industrial landscapes often suit a silver frame, and dramatic sunsets might suit a more gold frame.

The modern home is often decorated with movie memorabilia and band memorabilia. Posters and Lithographs with dramatic colour screens, usually also limited prints, are worth preserving as well as framing with great designs. More complex designs regularly suit having coloured mats (often called mat borders, or matboards) set in the frame to surround them. We have hundreds of colours to choose from, so ask a Frames Now picture framer where to start.

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