Traditional and Original Artwork Custom Picture Framing

Traditional and Original Artwork Custom Picture Framing

When it comes to traditional art, specifically original art, such as oil paintings, watercolours, historical art, embroideries and tapestries, there is generally two major categories – art purchased as an investment, and family heirlooms that are passed down the generations. Regardless of the specific value of an artwork, if it isn’t correctly framed, your old picture frame might be damaging the artwork itself.

Custom Picture Framing

Frames Now’s picture framers have a specific focus on custom picture framing which protects and preserves artwork. Whether you have an original drawing by your child or an original John Olsen, neither will last into the future if they aren’t framed with acid-free materials.

Whether you choose a custom picture frame, or from our range of ready-made and standard size frames, your picture frames are designed to give longevity to the artwork. From acid-free matboards (often called mats, or borders), to archival glass, museum glass, UV glass, and acid-free backings like foam core, your artwork is guaranteed to last.

Did you know? Your custom picture frame and premium ready-made frames are guaranteed for 10 years.

Framing materials

In addition to preservation framing materials, the correct fitting of your artwork is imperative to its longevity. Tapestry stretching and embroidery stretching done correctly is a fine art in itself, and our picture framers specialise in perfect results, every time.

In the case of traditional styles of art, a more traditional framing style is often preferred to compliment it. Frames Now stocks many traditional picture frame styles, from ornate gold and ornate silver frames, to Venetian and Czechoslovakian gold leaf and silver leaf finishes, with hand-made ornate frames from the USA, there are many spectacular frames from the right era to suit your original artwork.

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