Gallery Wall photo framing tips

Frame Wall Is a Fun Designing Experience!

Gallery Wall photo framing tips

Sometimes staring at a blank wall and wondering what to do with it can be a daunting experience, so are you looking for something fun to do? Especially if you’ve decided to create a fun, dynamic frame-filled wall to liven up your living space. Starting with a blank space and ending up with a wall full of frames may sound complicated, but we assure you, it doesn’t have to be! We at Frames Now are here to take some of the mystery out of creating your very own (and very fun!) wall of frames.

Getting started

First of all, your frame wall design should be focused around several larger frames. These will be the focal point of your design. From that point, you can fill in the spaces with smaller frames. It’s essential that these smaller frames are a variety of sizes, so the wall itself looks interesting and varied.

Creating a newly designed wall can look uniformed and mass-produced if they feature the same frame over and over again. If you want your wall to be fun, try and use a variety of frame styles, from simple, elegant box frames, to wide and ornate frames. The key to successfully displaying a variety of frames all together is to keep your wall to one or two colours – three at most!

The alternative, of course, is to use a similar style of frames in a carefully curated array of colours – reds and oranges, for example – to complement your existing decor. Framing in this style is a bold manoeuvre, but when executed well, it can look absolutely stunning. If you’re feeling nervous about creating a wall full of colour, speak to one of our expert picture framing consultants at Frames Now. Our consultants are armed with years of design experience, and can help solve any of your framing questions!

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Showcase your space

The next consideration is, remember to use the space you have! If you have an entire wall space between your bed head and the ceiling, then use it! Don’t put all of your frames close to the bed head so they look squashed. Fully use the space you have available, so your frames look their best.

If it’s possible, try and use your frames to showcase lots of different types of art – not just photographs! Include prints, decorative paper, small objects – the sky’s the limit! But remember, this approach will look best if all of your artworks are linked by a theme. For instance, a wall filled with mementoes of your children, or a frame wall featuring the highlights of a life-changing trip overseas. See what we mean?

We hope we’ve helped you on your journey to creating a frame wall – and proven that it isn’t as tricky as it might seem! Now you’ve decided what to do with your blank wall; there’s nothing left to do but gather up your treasures and take them to your friendly expert picture framers for a consultation.

That sounds like fun to us – we’ll see you soon!

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