Gallery Wall photo framing tips

Photo Montage and Collage Walls

Gallery Wall photo framing tips

Tell a story with your framed photos

Have an idea for a photo gallery in your home? We can help you tell a story with your framed photos.

Bring in a concept for the intended space or just some loose ideas and a Frames Now picture framer can help you design the perfect framed arrangement. Whether it’s a simple grid or flowing cascade of various sized frames, with our expert picture framing advice, arrange the perfect photo montage wall suited to your home and decor.

Create a layout that can expand over time and grow with your memories. Introduce focal points by using multiple picture frame moulding styles within a consistent colour scheme, or mix and match various picture frames as you build your collection of framed photos.

Where can you put a photo montage wall of your families framed pictures?

Just about anywhere: lounge, family room, kitchen, bedroom, kids room, hallway or stairs all have the opportunity to display your favourite framed photos. Research has shown your photos lift your mood.

Don’t let them be forgotten in an album, on your computer or Facebook, rejuvenate your family photos, frame and display them to enjoy everyday. A photo montage wall reminds you of favourite moments and inspires you to go and do the things you love more often travel, party with friends, spend time with your kids and family.

Expand the visual space with a display of framed mirrors and photos in combination on your entry wall, staircase, or hallway. It’s an easy way to display lots of photos without cluttering functional surfaces.

Endless possibilities

For tailored design solutions, our wide selection of custom frame mouldings and matboards (often referred to as mats or borders) provide endless possibilities to present your framed family photos. Frames Now stock a range of standard sized frames with on-the-spot measuring and mat-cutting available in store to suit your photo wall concept. Through the use of computerised mat-cutters, Frames Now can group images together in a singular frame with multi-window matboards and form an elegant collage with ease.

Whether you prefer decorative ornate frames or minimal/contemporary styles, we have the frame to suit your family photos. Gold, silver, black, white, mocha, walnut, many other timber finishes, coloured frames, and patterned designs.

Compile an assortment of memorabilia such as concert tickets, signed posters, vinyl records, and CDs alongside photos for the perfect medley of memories.

Bring any photos, artworks or items you’d like to frame to you nearest Frames Now store and let our framing specialists help you achieve the look you desire.

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