Basketball Jersey Frames

Basketball Jersey Frames

You’ve celebrated your basketball team’s victory and waited for hours to get it signed by your favourite players. It now sits with pride and joy…at the bottom of your chest of drawers.

Frames Now offer a range of solutions for framing your NBA and basketball jerseys. Our jersey framing solutions include a D.I.Y frame or a fully customised frame where you pick mat board & frame colours, you’ll be reliving happy memories every day as well as preserving your jersey for years to come.

Do it Yourself

You can now add one more skill to that resume: basketball jersey framing!

With our take home, DIY jersey frame kit, Frames Now makes it easy to frame your special basketball jersey

  • Available in two sizes: 71.1x56cm (suited to kid’s jerseys) & 100x70cm (for adult jerseys).

  • Matte black frame with black mat boards to enhance the colours of your basketball jersey.

  • Real timber, glass & acid free mats in the basketball jersey frame.

  • Velcro tabs & foam core provided for stretching the jersey & adhering to mat board.

If you are looking to purchase a jersey for your frame, Basketball Jersey World offer a great range of NBA jerseys.

Customise your basketball jersey frame

A special basketball jersey calls for a special and unique frame! Although a DIY black frame with a black mat board is the safe approach, it doesn’t always complement your jersey specifically. Here are a few options to customise your frame:

  • Choose a different coloured frame

    Frames Now boasts many different styles, profiles & colours of frame mouldings to choose from.

  • Layer coloured or textured mats

    To enhance the colours in your jersey, layering different coloured mats can create a fabulous effect.

  • Opt for conservation or museum glass

    Upgrade to a UV protected glass that will conserve your basketball jersey. Museum glass provides ultimate clarity so you can see the signatures and jersey clearly.

  • Add other memorabilia or photographs

    Talk to your custom frame specialist about designing your basketball jersey frame with photos from the game or items such as the game ticket.

To create a custom frame for your NBA or baksetball jersey, simply bring your piece into one of our Frames Now stores.

Preserving your basketball jersey frame

Your basketball jersey symbolises a happy memory and something that is important to preserve for many years to come. Here are some ways Frames Now can preserve your basketball jersey:

  • Glass

    We have three types of glass to choose from at Frames Now. However, if you are looking to preserve your jersey from harmful UV rays, our Museum glass will provide ultimate clarity and stop colour fade from light exposure.

  • Mat boards

    All of our mat boards are acid-free which means that they will not deteriorate your basketball jersey.

  • Backing board

    Choosing foam core to back your frame will preserve your jersey for longer as it is acid-free.

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