Frame your jigsaw puzzle

Frame your jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle framing

You’ve just developed the virtue of patience and perseverance through tirelessly working on the latest 1,000 piece puzzle. Now what, start again?

No! Your jigsaw puzzle deserves to be framed and that’s where Frames Now enters. In this blog, we will chat about how you can get your jigsaw puzzle to a Frames Now store, the different options for framing and how we make sure the jigsaw doesn’t fall apart in the process!

Five easy steps to transport your jigsaw puzzle to Frames Now

If you’re not a seasoned jigsaw puzzle maker, you probably don’t have a funky green puzzle mat you can use to roll it away each evening. In that case you’ll need to follow the below steps in order to transport it to Frames Now:

  1. Find two pieces of thick cardboard, roughly a little bigger than the size of your jigsaw.
  2. With a little help from a friend, slip the first piece of card under the jigsaw puzzle.
  3. Place the other card on top of the puzzle.
  4. Tape the two pieces of card together tightly.
  5. When travelling, ensure the puzzle stays level on a flat surface.

Once you’ve completed these five easy steps, you’re ready to take your puzzle to your closest Frames Now store.

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The top three popular ways to frame your Jigsaw

There are many different ways we can frame your favoured Jigsaw puzzle, however here are the top three most popular options:

  • With a top mat opening and a sturdy frame

    As puzzles tend to verge on the larger side, it’s important to choose a sturdy wooden frame that can handle the weight of the glass, backing board, mats & puzzle within. Next choosing a mat board(s) that will enhance the colours within your frame.

  • With a float mat and a rebate liner
    One of our favourite ways to frame a jigsaw as it really puts the jigsaw on show, even the edges! Choosing a mat colour that again will enhance your jigsaw, the puzzle will be slightly adhered to this float mat. You will then have either the same colour mat on the sides of the rebate or a different colour. A rebate liner will create the feel of depth, like you are looking into a window.
  • With a float mat and a spacer
    Very similar to no.2, however, instead of a rebate liner, we will use a spacer. A spacer is a small plastic slip that goes under the rebate of the frame (so you don’t see it) separating the glass from the jigsaw so it doesn’t stick to the glass over time.

How we frame your jigsaw puzzle without losing pieces

Here at Frames Now we specialise in seemingly complicated jobs including puzzles. No job is too hard and we have all the special equipment to make sure we don’t lose a single puzzle piece.

  • Using framers tape, we stick the backing of your puzzle together using long strips.

  • We then wedge it between two pieces of card and use this to transport it to our workshop.

  • Using our Vacuum press, our professional framers will adhere the puzzle to the backing board, allowing us to lay the jigsaw 100% flat within your chosen frame.

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