Ready-Made Picture Frames

What are ready-made picture frames?

Ready-Made Picture Frames

What are ready-made picture frames?

Ready-made picture frames are “off the shelf frames” which have been designed to fit common photograph and artwork sizes.

These frames are available in the most popular colours our customer’s request, including in black, white and oak timber finish styles.

What is the difference between Frames Now Ready-made Picture Frames and frames from the big retail stores?

It’s easy to identify the differences between Frames Now picture frames, and some of the frames big retailers sell.

  • Our frames use real glass and Perspex. Beware of cheap substitutes, especially cloudy plastic.

  • All Frames Now frames are backed by our 10-year Satisfaction Guarantee.

Ready-made picture frames are available in many shapes, sizes and colours

Frames Now proudly boasts Australia’s largest range of picture frames – and when we say a large range, we mean it!

Our ready-made picture frames are available in over 35 sizes from 12.7 x 12.7cm all the way up to 100 x 70cm, in multiple colours and styles.

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What if my artwork doesn’t fit into a ready-made picture frame?

Though we have an extensive range of sizes in our ready-made picture frame range, your artwork may not exactly match the size of our frames.

If this is the case, you can consider one of the below options.

1) If your artwork is a digital file such as a photograph, you may be able to crop your file to the ratio of a ready-made picture frame.

This is relatively simple if you are confident using photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, or alternatively GIMP (which is free!).

2) If your artwork is in-hand, you may be able to trim the edges.

We would only recommend this for artwork which you have copies of – it’s not worth the risk of damaging original artwork. Sharp guillotines with built in rulers such as the StudyMate Paper Trimmer can be purchased from Officeworks for around $15.

3) Use a matboard inside of a larger ready-made picture frame with a window cut to the size of your artwork.

Frames Now have computerised matboard cutting machines which can easily customise the window opening of any colour matboard to suit your artworks dimensions and style, which will then neatly fit into one of our ready-made frames.

4) Custom picture framing may be your best solution.

Frames Now can make a frame to the exact dimension of your artwork. We offer custom picture framing online and in anyone of our Frames Now stores.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Frames Now frames.

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