Picture frame repairs with Frames Now

Picture frame repairs with Frames Now

Have you just moved house and whilst unpacking, noticed your treasured artworks now sport several cracks through the glass? Or your beautiful children, aside from repeatedly telling them not to play ball in the hallway, have now caused your family photo frames to come crashing to the ground? At Frames Now, we don’t just create and build new frames for you, we also do picture frame repairs.

Picture frame repairs – glass

Frames Now can easily replace the glass within your frame, no matter the size. All that is required is for us to measure your existing frame and we can order a new pane of glass. Frames Now offers five different types of glass

  • Standard glass

  • Conservation clear glass

  • Museum glass

  • Non-reflective glass

  • Acrylic

Picture frame repairs – frame

Solutions to picture frame repairs are not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. Each broken frame needs to be viewed and considered by one of our experienced design consultants in order to give you the best result. Sometimes, it isn’t possible or cost-effective to repair your frame, however Frames Now can still help you.

  • Custom frames

    With hundreds of frame mouldings available, we may be able to find a match to your broken frame! We can even use your existing backing board, mats and glass if they are not damaged.

  • Ready-made frames

    Frames Now boasts Australia’s largest range of ready-made frames. On hand in many different colours and profiles such as black, white, raw oak, walnut, gold and silver ornate or mocha, you will be able to find something to replace your broken frame.

Looking to replace the entire frame?

We offer a range of solutions for those looking to replace their entire frame. Firstly, you will need to remove your artwork from its old frame and measure its size. Depending on the size of your artwork it may fit into one of our ready-made frames. If it doesn’t for into one of our ready-made frames or if you are after a tailored finish, custom framing is perfect for you!

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