A History Through Poster Frames


When I say the words “iconic poster”, what images spring to mind?’

Perhaps it is the striking imagery of Drew Struzan (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future), or the hauntingly minimalist works of Saul Bass. Whatever it may be, the iconography and design of posters have seeped into the social consciousness in a big way.

More than just pictures or promotional material, a well-crafted poster captures the essence of a film, event or piece of music in ways that very few other mediums can. At Frames Now, we have 40+ years of experience providing our customers with beautiful poster frames. So, before we discuss the methodology behind choosing the perfect poster frames, let’s take a look back at how posters came to dominate the pop culture landscape.

Early History


While you could make the argument that posters came into existence with the invention of lithography in the late-1700s, it would take until the 19th century for the Three-Stone Lithographic Process to bring poster manufacturing into mainstream popularity. Although this process was still difficult and time-consuming, it offered a significant increase in both ease and quality when compared to methods that were previously available.
Around the end of the 1800s, artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec and Alphonse Mucha were developing posters that would define their time period. These images, which can still be seen on everything from canvases to coffee mugs, were a stylistic stepping stone into the imagery of later works. At the same time, whilst cross-contamination of design principles was inevitable, we began to see distinct styles developing in the posters of different countries. This included French artists taking inspiration from cabaret and Italian artists taking from the grandiose nature of operatic imagery.


The Importance of Posters in Modern Society


While posters are mainly known for their use as promotional material, being used as a way to draw the public’s attention toward films, albums, plays and more, their use throughout history has been quite varied. As a medium, posters are simple, accessible and direct, making them a powerful vehicle for appealing to a wide audience. This is also an important factor in why many poster designs have managed to maintain their appeal, as they can often be seen as a strong stylistic example of design trends at the time of their creation.

Poster Frames


Given the amount of visual storytelling that goes into crafting them, poster frames are often simple and minimalist, allowing structure whilst keeping the viewer’s attention exactly where it should be. This is partially due to the fact that posters are rarely designed with a frame in mind, and are therefore created as singular, complete pieces that don’t necessarily benefit from an ornate outer rim.

With that said, while poster frames benefit from simplicity and minimalism, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for personal preference. This can include:


Depending on both the design of the poster and the decor it will be surrounded by, there are options when it comes to deciding on what your poster frames will be made from. As an example, while a wooden frame will compliment more rustic surroundings, metal frames will tend to work better with modern decor, such as an office space.


Black metal, white wood, a simple acrylic frame; each option is going to draw out different elements from within your poster. The ideal colour for your poster frames will be entirely subjective depending on what you’re looking to compliment. A darker frame will accentuate the darker areas of the image, and the same goes for bright colours with a bright frame.

Want some help when trying to find the perfect poster frames? With a range of photo frames that can be custom-fitted to your piece, Frames Now are sure to have a style to suit your needs.

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