Picture Frame­ Ideas: How To and DIY

Picture Frame­ Ideas: How To and DIY

Not all your picture frame ideas have to be about custom framing! And not all picture frames require a professional finishing, especially if you want to change the artworks out regularly for a fresh style in your home.

Picture frame ideas and tips are all over the internet. Take advantage of a quiet afternoon to search for photo wall ideas and photo wall design templates, have a look through your collections of family photos, and make some plans from these design ideas about picture frames for YOUR walls and home!

Tip: If you’re not sure where to start searching for your inspiration, try Pinterest.

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Frames Now have a huge selection of ready-made photo frames and poster frames, which are purchased fully assembled, ready for you to Do It Yourself (DIY) and fit photos or posters to your picture frame. Our friendly picture framers will gladly show you how to get the best out of a ready­-made frame, and how to fit a photo to a frame in a safe and careful manner, to avoid damage to your framed photo or artwork. Buy more than one and you can make a photo wall, where several photo frames are clustered together to tell a larger and more varied story.

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With a huge range of pre-­cut, acid-­free mat boards (often called mats, borders or inserts), you can even customise the colour scheme of your framing without any hassles. With this combination of a wide variety of coloured mats and frames, the perfect framing solution is ready for you! Our frames come in both modern and traditional (or ornate) styles, from black frames and white frames, to timber finishes in mocha and walnut, through to bright gold and silver frames.

Bring your ideas and DIY plans into a Frames Now picture framer today!

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