How Long Does Custom Framing Take?

Much like how the cost of custom framing can vary, the time it takes to custom frame artwork can too. There are many variables involved, meaning some custom framing can be completed in a matter of days, while some might take up to three weeks or more. Talking to a framer about your project is the best way to get a time estimate but knowing what influences the time it takes to frame your artwork can ensure your expectations are met.

What is Being Framed?

There isn’t a lot of complexity in framing a single certificate, poster, art print, or photograph, even if you are including matboards. Depending on the framer’s workload, you could expect a 7-to-10-day turnaround.


However, framing large artwork and memorabilia will take more than a week to complete. For paintings, having to stretch the canvas for framing adds time, while memorabilia and photo collages also require extra time for planning the right design and layout, and for securing in place. That said, if you need the framing to be completed urgently, you can discuss this with the framer. They might be able to complete it within your time frame.

The Volume of Framing

Having a single certificate, photo, or print framed should mean waiting just over a week for the project to be completed. But if you’re a business wanting to have dozens of certificates framed ahead of an award function, you should expect to wait longer. The same applies if you are busy redecorating your home and need to individually frame multiple prints, posters, or photos. Regardless of what is being framed, needing more than one item to be framed means waiting a little longer for the job to be completed.

Your Choice of Frame

A good framer will offer a wide variety of frames, from classic and popular styles, through to more ornate in style and finishing. As would be expected, popular styles will always be in stock, either with the framer or their local supplier. And this means faster turnaround times from placing your order to receiving your finished frame. But ornate frames, whether made from natural wood or synthetic materials, usually require a special order. And depending on the material and finish you choose, this could mean waiting two to three weeks before your framed piece is ready for collection. Some pieces look better with ornate frames or frames with a unique profile and are worth waiting a few weeks longer for. Having framed hundreds—if not thousands—of pieces, your framer will offer the best advice in terms of frame style, and know exactly how long it will take to complete.


Using an online custom framing service is great for a simple framing project of one or two pieces. It saves you time and is especially useful if you don’t live close to a framing store. But if you need something framed in a hurry or aren’t sure what type of frame and accessories will work best for your piece, speaking with a framer is essential. If you don’t live near a Frames Now store, you can always call us or submit your question online and one of our framing experts will gladly help you out.

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