Where To Get Custom Picture Frames

Shopping custom picture frames for your photos, posters, or artwork is not the same as browsing the selection of frames at your favourite home décor store. The custom in custom framing doesn’t necessarily mean that the frame is unique—one-of-a-kind—and that nobody will have same type of frame. Instead, it means that the frame style and mat boards have been carefully selected to complement the item being framed. Both the frame and the mat boards would have also been sized and handcrafted to your items dimensions. And all this would have been done with the guidance and advice of a professional framer. So, while you might be more limited with where you get custom picture frames, it can also be a lot easier than shopping for ready-made picture frames.

Get Custom Picture Frames From a Framing Specialist

No matter where you live in Australia, there’s bound to be a framing specialist near you. A simple Google search will turn up dozens of results, with at least one being in the same state, city, or town as you. And even if they’re not close enough for you to visit in person, many framing stores now also offer an online service for custom picture framing.

Contact the store first to confirm that they can frame your photo, poster, artwork, or objects. Most framing stores do frame all types of pictures, art, and memorabilia. Next, you want to check when you can come in for a consultation. Even if you know exactly what you want, it is still advisable to have a brief meeting with a professional framer. If you’ve never had something custom framed before, they will be able to help you choose the best frame style, material, and glazing, and advise on mats.

Custom framing is more expensive than using ready-made frames, so don’t forget to tell them what your budget is. Once you’ve settled on a custom frame design, the framer will tell you how long the job will take to complete. Which could be anything from a few days to up to four weeks. They can sometimes fast-track urgent requests, but you shouldn’t expect a one-day service.

Get Custom Picture Frames Online

f what you are wanting framed is a digital print, photo, poster, or certificate rather than a large item, online custom framing is a convenient solution to consider. Simply upload your file (if you also want the framer to print it for you), select the dimensions of your picture, select a frame style, add a mat board if wanted, and pay. Your custom frame, along with backing, hanging wire, and glass will be delivered to you direct. Your choice of frame style is likely to be more limited than what you would have access to by visiting a store in person. But you can select a size that perfectly matches the dimensions of your picture, even if it is non-standard. Which isn’t always possible when shopping for ready-made frames. Additionally, you can be sure that the materials used, and the assembly, are more durable than that of ready-made frames, offering better protection and a longer life than store bought frames.

Whether you choose to get custom picture frames by visiting a framing specialist or via an online custom framing service, you will still find the process simpler than trying to find a suitably sized ready-made frame. Not forgetting that the quality will be superior, meaning your picture is properly protected and showcased for years to come.

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