Create your own Gallery Wall

Do you want to update your home without having to pick up that paint brush? Creating a gallery wall is a simple way to bring style and personality to any room.

We’ll show you how with just a hammer, frame hooks and a collection of your favourite prints and photographs, your living room, bedroom, staircase or hallway can be transformed.


Before we get started, find the perfect frames to suit your gallery wall by shopping online or at a Frames Now store. Alternatively, we have ready to hang gallery wall frame packs available.


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How do I make my own Gallery Wall?

Step 1 – Choosing your frames and prints


The only rule when it comes to selecting the right prints for your frames, is to let your creativity shine! We recommend using a combination of photographs and prints in different style frames, including both size and colour, to make your gallery wall stand out.


Tip: Unsure where to source photographs?
Unsplash is a great source of beautiful photographs, gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers.


Step 2 – Perfecting your layout

Though it’s tempting to get those frame hooks into the wall, we recommend planning your piece by first laying out the frames on the floor. We recommend leaving a generous gap of approximately 8-10cm between the frames.


Once you are satisfied with your unique configuration, it’s time to start hanging!


Tip: Take a photograph of your frames on the floor
Be sure to take a photograph of your frame configuration, which can be later referred to when hanging.


Step 3 – Hanging your frames


Once you’re happy with the layout of your frames its time to start hanging. We recommend hanging your largest frame first at eye level. Be sure to reference your photograph from Step 2 to avoid making unnecessary holes.


Step 4 – Invite your friends over!


Congratulations, you are now a superstar frame hanger / gallery wall designer. Be warned – your friends will be asking for your help for their gallery wall in 3, 2, …