Sizably Striking: How to Decorate Using Large Picture Frames

Large Picture Frames as a Focal Point

Have you ever considered the visual language of your interior decor?

For better or worse, each room in your home tells the eye of guests where it should go, with the first thing they notice being the focal point of your space. This may be a beautifully-restored armoire, or an old television from the time before digital. Whatever it may be, for those looking to reinvent their interiors, the focal point is an enormous make-or-break factor that needs to be considered.

So, how does this relate to large picture frames?

Well, put simply, a large piece of art or blown up photograph is immediately going to draw the eye of those that enter a room as a (hopefully) beautiful, unique fixture that demands attention. Therefore, a considerable amount of thought needs to go into determining its placement. This is where ideas shift into subjectivity, as the placement of your piece will inevitably determined by your specific space. However, there are still some commonalities in aesthetic principles.

At Frames Now, we stock an enormous range of beautifully-crafted picture frames of all shapes and sizes. Plus, if your project requires a very specific or unique shape, we offer a high level of customisation when it comes to finding the finest frame. So, to help inspire your creative spirit, let us have a look into some interesting, unique ways to incorporate large picture frames into your interior decor.

How to Incorporate Large Picture Frames Into Your Spaces

Decisions on Decor


As you would expect, the objects placed around your piece, such as furniture, ornaments, and other pieces of art, will factor into how your new addition will be perceived. For example, if your large picture frames are surrounded by garishly bright, bombastic colours, it could potentially drown out the visual effect they have, instead making what should be a singular, stunning sight an overly busy mess.

Alternatively, if large picture frames are placed in an area that is too sparse, it can give the impression that it’s out of place; standing out for undesirable reasons. This is also true if proper care isn’t given to ensure your piece is centred, as this can lead to your new addition appearing messy, rather than magnificent.

Inside the Frame

As we have discussed in a previous post, it’s important to choose your frame based on the image inside. However, when it comes to large picture frames, the sizeable nature of your image will inevitably have a not-insignificant aesthetic relationship with things surrounding it.

Similar to the point above, this all comes down to the relationship between your image and your interiors. For example, a minimalist black & white painting coupled with a pink and green backdrop will naturally draw the eye away from appreciating the artwork; regardless of how large it may be. As a contrast to this, a strikingly colourful abstract piece paired with a sparse, muted background will immediately catch the eye of anyone who steps into the space.

However you decide to go about placing your large picture frames, it’s important to keep these factors in mind to avoid potentially creating aesthetic chaos within your interior decor.

Other Interesting Ways to Use Large Picture Frames

An idea we discussed in-depth as a separate blog, picture frames can be used as more than just borders for your photos and artworks. Although they may not necessarily get the same level of attention as the images that lay within, picture frames can be truly breathtaking in their own right. This means that, with a little creativity, a beautiful frame can easily be used to create a uniquely singular, stylish sight.

Large picture frames have been used to create a sense of structure; becoming a border for dressing tables, beds, windows and televisions with impressive results. Alternatively, they have also been used as displays in-and-of themselves, sometimes being coupled with smaller frames to create stunningly unique art installations.

At Frames Now, we offer hundreds of beautiful, stylish frames to choose from. Plus, with the ability to custom-fit your chosen frame to meet the needs of your project, the possibilities are effectively endless. So, explore our extensive range, or contact us today to learn more!

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