Glass Cutting for Picture Frames

At Frames Now we have a range of glasses available for glass cutting.

We have traditional picture framing glass, anti-reflecting glass, conservation and Museum glass.


Our picture framers can advise you on the best choice of glass for your entire picture framing needs. They are skilled artisans with an eye for detail. We have selected the best craftsmen for our company, to make sure that you get the absolute best.


Non-reflecting glass, while reducing reflection, does reduce clarity and vibrancy of colours of your pictures. It is ideal for framing photos and posters that are going to be hung on a wall exposed to sunlight. Glare reduces visibility. Non-reflecting glass frames eliminate glare.

Glass cutting and replacement for your existing frames.

Conservation glass, with its ability to reduce 99.9% of UV rays from both external and internal light sources, stands as an impeccable choice for safeguarding artwork from the harmful effects of UV rays. The potential fading of colours due to exposure to the sun's harsh rays is averted by conservation glass, ensuring that your artwork retains its vibrant hues for an extended period. This means that even if you choose to display your photos in a sunlit area, they will remain as pristine as new for several decades.


Museum glass takes the advantages of conservation glass a step further, offering not only protection but also boasting "amazing clarity" and reduced reflection. Particularly effective for showcasing 3D items, museum glass, despite being more expensive than other glass varieties, justifies its cost through its unique properties. If you have a one-of-a-kind piece of art that deserves both protection and an impressive display, opting for museum glass in your picture frame is the way to go.


Our range of picture frames are all backed by a 10-year guarantee reflecting their superior quality and durability.


For those seeking to preserve cherished memories for decades, our frames come highly recommended.

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